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We are passionate about supporting and educating the techniques, language, and culture of dance from around the world!

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Our collaborative ‘Mind, Body & Culture – Learn With The Expert’ classes are taught from instructors in every genre and style, from all over the world!

We have private, group, and in person and virtual classes and retreats for corporate and social events and all occasions.

Classes are in person and virtual!

Our special binational series starts March 30th!


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Learn about instructors and dance genres from all over the world!

The INFLUENCE OF Flowers IN Dance

We celebrate the the history of floral in dance!

Current Flower Feature:  The Iris

Flowers are an intricate part of dancing, from their costume adornment to ceremonial rituals, throughout the history of time.  Irises are known to show an appreciation for a dancer’s artistry and creativity.  In ancient Greek mythology, the iris became known as the linking factor between the divine and the earth.
Follow us to learn more about the preservation of art & culture in dance, instructor interviews, global “Mind, Body, & Culture” classes, fine art exhibits, and more!